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Poster: jerlouvis Date: Aug 12, 2011 11:07am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 6/6/93 has a great playin jam!

I listened to the 6/6/93 PITB and was pleasantly surprised that for the most part the band retained some instrument integrity and did not sound synthetic aside from a short outburst of midi flute at about 9:30.I was most impressed with Vince's piano work,he sounded sharp and creative,in the little I have heard of the Vince era he seems a far more talented player than Brent,he plays with some subtlety and nuance,not bombast and overkill.Jerry's was fully engaged and played some very fluid runs throughout,and his guitar tone actually sounded like a guitar which is always nice,while his playing was not all that inventive,at least he seemed interested,and even Billy played some good drums which I found to be very rare post hiatus.

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Poster: bkidwell Date: Aug 12, 2011 12:24pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: some more random keyboard thoughts

I think those are good observations, I am always impressed with how you form your own impressions without letting the conventional wisdom bias you. Most people would never say anything good about Vince compared to Brent, and I remember a thread awhile back where you said you thought 1970 wasn't a strong year for Dark Star because they often used thematic jams in a somewhat predictable way. You do a good job explaining why you hear things the way you do.

Brent definitely had a very "busy" style, he played a lot of fast arpeggiation that sometimes seems formulaic or pulls your ear toward it without adding a lot of melodic content. That said, I personally think that by 89-90 he and Jerry had forged a strong connection and there is a lot of interaction between them that is good. Vince gets a lot of hate but I blame a lot of it on his lame originals and Bralove giving him some bad synth voices and then getting mixed too high, I think he was capable of playing well but also would sometimes freeze up onstage and lose the rhythm a bit.

However, since you started a nice thread on what Keith brought to the band, in comparison with Keith in his first years with the band, this is a good place to acknowledge that none of the other keyboardists are really in the same league - and that applies to T.C. and Pigpen and Ned Lagin as well. TC never sounds very good to me and I can rarely even hear much of him, Pig was fine when he was in his element but not capable of keeping up with Jerry and Phil in the jams, and Ned didn't even want the audience to be able to hear him half the time. Bruce was really good most of the time, there are some incredibly well jammed shows from spring of 91 that don't get enough attention. I would imagine though that you think he overplayed, since he often takes up as much space in the music as Brent does.

Given that we have six different keyboardists to compare, the amount by which Keith at his best was better than anyone is truly impressive. You would think with that much competition, someone else would have come closer to his degree of integration into the music. Keith even puts himself to shame, because he went downhill so badly by his last few tours. He was still good in 76, but by 78, he has stopped adding anything new to the music.

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Poster: jerlouvis Date: Aug 12, 2011 3:25pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: some more random keyboard thoughts

I would like to say that Brent was a capable keyboard player and over the span of his career with the band played a lot of fine music,I find fault with his limited imagination and overly aggressive style,LIA mentioned some people like their keyboards more out front,I am not one of them.
I have heard very little GD with Vince,but I usually come away impressed with his ability to play the keyboards,maybe not the sound,but the idea of what he was playing or how well he played it.I saw him the night they played with David Murray and very much enjoyed what he added to some heady,out style jazz music,he seemed at ease in touch with the creative flow around him.